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Since September I have been renting a room in a packed out Bangladeshi house of six, a stone’s throw from Brick Lane, East London.

Most of May was spent designing and developing a 30+ page event website for LegalWeek Connect 2017, leaving me with some free time to put towards HarvardX’s CS50 online course and my portfolio website.

After weeks of hard slog, I rounded the significant learning curve of CS50 which required me to code programs that verify credit card numbers, recover lost images and spell check Ulysses in under a second, all in C. Now the computer science fundamentals are out of the way, we can start to abstract away a lot of C’s exacting syntax and move on to Python! I’m looking forward to tackling Week 8 onwards, culminating in a final project.

I continue to read, write and tell stories, while taking a moment each day to appreciate this wonderful city.

July 2017, East London