Since September I have been renting a room in a packed out Bangladeshi house of six, a stone’s throw from Brick Lane, East London.

This August, was dominated by a holiday. But not your average holiday. A 10-day meditation retreat in West England in which I spent more time with my eyes closed than open. The rigorous schedule started at 4am each day, and involved around 70 hours of meditation in all. It was tough, and the winding forest paths and beautiful weather really helped. I’m interested to observe how the experience shapes my state of mind as the trials of daily life swoop back in.

Once I’d returned to the real world, I immediately started work on my final project for HarvardX’s CS50 online course. The goal is to develop a modern, responsive, web app that scrapes and displays data from multiple e-commerce websites using Python (with Flask/Jinja) and SQL. I’m hoping to have this completed by the end of September which will knock off a huge personal project that’s been ongoing for over 6 months.

In the meantime, I continue to read, write and tell stories, while taking a moment each day to appreciate this wonderful city.

September 2017, East London