What I’m doing now

(updated January 2017)

I am currently renting a room in a packed out Bangladeshi household of six, a stone’s throw from Brick Lane, London. University lecturing, freelance interaction design and savings keep me afloat as I take this time to learn, experiment and experience.

Projects I’m enjoying

  • part-time assistant lecturing at Oxford Brookes University on the Publishing Media undergraduate and masters course
  • performing freelance web and interaction design for individuals and companies
  • producing a short practical workshop for creatives intimidated by HTML and CSS, but eager to challenge their preconceptions
  • co-hosting a freelancer MeetUp of 700+ members and organising events
  • using Medium to record thoughts and stories from books I read
  • practising the coding mindset using a combination of tools, such as this and this

I am really valuing this time post-uni to meet new people and learn what I love to do. If you want to connect, get in touch.

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