Summer is upon us, and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. July has been a steady introduction into freelance work, and I’m enjoying the new challenges that come along with it, while still focussing on my health and fitness. I love meeting people at General Assembly, where I work as a Front Line Associate, and at the London Freelancers MeetUp, which I host at WeWork Moorgate on a monthly basis.

I’m still awaiting feedback on my claim to become an associate fellow of Oxford Brookes, which took the form of a website which showcases some of the teaching I have done at Oxford Brookes University. Take a look for yourself!

ClassPass has introduced me to a whole new world of fitness workouts that break away from gym monotony. So far I’ve tried spinning, boxing, pilates and HIIT. I particularly like the classes where you don’t know if you’re in a gym of a nightclub.

I’m still tracking every moment of the day, slicing up the hours into activities like sleeping, travelling, exercising, reading, chilling etc. and outputting a daily score. This habit has really helped me allocate my time better, and the online activity web app means I can check on my progress from anywhere.

In the meantime, I continue to readwrite and tell stories, while taking a moment each day to appreciate this wonderful city.

August 2018, East London