This time last year I started full time as a lecturer at Oxford Brookes University in Media, Journalism and Publishing. I’ve made it through one entire academic year, and am ready for the next. I particularly like this working routine as it allows me to reflect on my previous classes, and work to make them better.

In August I also attended and completed my second Vipassana meditation course. On this course you live 10 days as a monk, taking a vow of silence and mediating up to 10 hours a day starting at 4am and ending at 9pm. It was tough to say the least, but the experience has really shifted my perspective on the nature of time. I’m hoping to move forward with more patience and empathy.

I’m excited about my current progress into teaching, and thankful to be offered such an amazing opportunity to contribute to higher education. Here is to another year!

December 2019, Oxford